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Transform Africa works in the best possible way to influence a lasting change throughout the countries of Africa - it focuses on understanding local contexts and dealing with the long-held, diverse and embedded cultural beliefs, practices and values of African communities. Thorough research is conducted in order to gain the necessary knowledge and expertise to address the concerns of these communities and relied upon to influence the charity's projects and policies. The projects are aimed at improving the effectiveness of African businesses and community services in order to support and encourage them in their work so that they can best provide for their local community.




Transform Africa Ebola Appeal

More than 1,900 people in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone have contracted Ebola since March, according to the World Health Organisation, making this the biggest outbreak on record. More than 1,000 people have died. Nigeria also reported 12 cases and three deaths. Currently, there is no licensed medicine or vaccine for Ebola virus, but several products are under development, and in past outbreaks the virus has been fatal in 60 to 90 percent of cases.

Transform Africa works within some of the affected communities of Bo – Southern, Wellington – Eastern Freetown, and Makeni – Northern Sierra Leone. We are appealing to the international community to intervene through their generosity to ensure that aid to deeply-rooted organisations in these communities in West Africa continues to flow. This will ensure that they have the resources they need to provide long-term support to disaster victims and engage in educational campaigns to build a stronger disaster response for the future. For further details, please contact:


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