Our Mission

To empower local communities & organisations in Africa to tackle poverty,
and its root causes, through sustainable & transformative approaches.

Improving drainage and feeder roads

According to YDM and CBO records, the evaluation team learnt that as a result of grants provided to the 8 CBOs by the project, 9,464 people (91%) of the 10,400 five-year target were benefiting from improvements on access roads and drainages. Such improvements included rehabilitation of existing feeder roads and drainages and construction of bridges and steps for steep areas where normal roads could not be manually made.

The evaluation team visited a randomly selected sample of 5 roads and drainages, 2 bridges and 2 step roads during which it interviewed 80 beneficiaries and collected 40 testimonies. The following were established:

  • All beneficiary communities were grateful for the improvement they had achieved from the project. For example, vehicles are plying the 2 renovated roads in Fullah Town and the 2 developed steps at Robis communities and business in the area is vibrant, which was not possible before.
  • The footpath bridges helped school going children at Grafton slum community to easily cross a once flooded area on their way to school. Celebrating a newly-constructed steps-cum-road Celebrating a newly-constructed steps The roads have improved movement and access to those areas and reduced accidents, especially with regard to the physically handicapped, as it is now easy for them to move around more easily than before.