Before Transform Africa's Intervention

Water was not easily accessible and was dirty and unsafe to drink...

Making a Difference

In the first part of 2008, we received a four-year grant from Comic Relief to support impoverished people in the slums of New London in Bo and Calaba Town in Freetown in Sierra Leone

What it looks like now

Now a Comic Relief funded well, built in 2010, provides clean water to Calaba Town.

Transforming Lives In Urban Slums

Sierra Leone Urban Slums


We support poor communities through their Community-Based Organisations (CBOs) and Solidarity Groups (SGs) to increase access to safe drinking water, train young people for employment and improve livelihoods and feeder road infrastructure. 

Improving the quality of life

In Freetown and BO Cities, over 15,000 poor people, (especially women, youth and people with disabilities) living in the slums have had their lives transformed. Most of these people were living in deplorable conditions, characterised by poor housing and lack of safe drinking water, toilets and facilities for disposal of household waste. Most of the young people were not in school and they lacked the necessary skills to engage in gainful employment. Through our support, they are now able to secure microfinance loans to engage in small businesses, buy land and build better houses, and increase their access to safe drinking water. In addition, access roads and environmental sanitation have improved in most communities and young people have benefited from the vocational training and apprenticeship scheme we fund. 


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