Wealth Creation Workshop in Tanzania

To establish community based revolving funds so that those infected or affected by HIV/AIDS can increase their incomes and gain economic independence

Microfinance Loans

Communities taught the importance of managing finance

Increasing Access to HIV/AIDS Information & Services

Supporting poorer communities in Tanzania & Zambia in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

We work with local partners in Tanzania and Zambia empower rural and urban communities to fight poverty through improved livelihoods and HIV prevention and management.
In Tanzania, we have worked with Mufindi Environmental Trust (MUET) in Iringa Municipality and with Development Organisation for People’s Empowerment (DOPE) in Mpika District in Northern Zambia.  Both areas have very high HIV prevalence levels with Iringa having an estimated 16% compared with the provincial rate of 8%, and Mpika having an estimated 13% compared with the provincial rate of 8%. We supported communities to form groups through which members accessed HIV information and education and awareness and respect for women and people’s rights were enhanced. In order to help them address the high poverty levels, which were the key factors fueling the spread of HIV in the two areas, the groups were provided with seed money to set up community based revolving funds and give affordable loans to their members, especially those affected or infected by the virus. Over 5,000 poor people directly benefitted from the programme and an external evaluation report commended it as a great success.

See our Case Studies page for personal testimonies of how people have benefitted from the action of Transform Africa.

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