Increasing Safe Water Access to Rural Communities in Uganda

BEFORE: children had to collect dirty water from a pond...

Increasing Safe Water Access to Rural Communities in Uganda

...NOW they have access to clean water

Increasing Safe Water Access to Rural Communities in Uganda


We empower fishing and poor mainland communities, to fight HIV, improve livelihoods, and increase access to safe clean water.  

Empowering Fishing Communities to Fight HIV/AIDS

We work with our local partner BIDA to support fishing communities on Lake Victoria Islands to empower them to effectively deal with the current alarming HIV infection and prevalence situation in the area. We support them to have a greater access to HIV/AIDS information and education and more effectively tackle the stigma and discrimination associated with the disease. We are aware that poverty is one of the key factors contributing to the HIV situation among islanders. We therefore give affordable micro-credit loans and training in business management, support to poor and vulnerable groups, especially women, to enable them to have increased secure sources of income in order to become economically independent. Over 15,000 islanders have benefitted from our HIV programme.

Increasing Safe Water Access to Rural Communities

We support communities which have serious water scarcity, especially during the dry seasons, by increasing access to drinking and general purpose water. For instance, in Mityana and Mubende Districts, Transform Africa and its local partner BIVA, are increasing access to safe drinking water through low-cost manually-constructed boreholes. Over 10,000 people will benefit from one of our projects as a result of a reduction in poverty and water-related ill-health which are widespread among the communities.

For sustainability of the water facilities provided, communities are required to form Water User Committees (WUC) and set up a contributory maintenance fund. In addition, our projects train local artisans and community members in the fabrication of the required materials and the construction and maintenance of the boreholes and WUC members undergo a Training of Trainers (TOT) in sanitation, hygiene and environmental health.

The importance of access to clean and safe drinking water cannot be overstated and the difference it makes can be felt when reading the testimony of one of the community members:

"I was born in this village. Since my childhood, we have been collecting water from a pond which we have been sharing with animals. I had never dreamt of ever witnessing this day when I see clean water being pumped out of the ground for all of us to use. This borehole has indeed changed our lives.”

See our Case Studies page for personal testimonies of how people have benefited from the action of Transform Africa.

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